• Schematic representation of LED with lens and lumen output
      • Luminaire with diffuser optics. The software calculates the light distribution.
        • Polar curves of an oval symmetrical optic

        Light design with optical software

        Arsis designs optics using optical software. With this software, Arsis can calculate and optimize all optical components in their mutual coherence: light sources, reflectors, mirrors and lenses. In the computer Arsis models the light source and all other components that influence the light distribution. After optimization Arsis generates the IES-file of the optics with the optical software in connection with the luminaire. With the help of the IES-file, the Isoluxcurves can be calculated for all applications. The optical software is compatible with the 3D CAD software. A change in geometry (= modification in 3D-CAD) is taken over by the optical software (= modified IES-file). The IES-file can be read by all computer programs that are common in street lighting planning.